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Episode Date In this episode, what's wrong with...
221 2020-09-16 Feminism
220 2020-09-09 Humour and humility.
219 2020-09-02 Why do you hate yourself?
218 2020-08-26 Context is important.
217 2020-08-19 Defund The Police For Their Own Good.
216 2020-08-12 Performative Activism.
215 2020-08-05 Fanaticism.
214 2020-05-18 A lazy episode on the deck drinking wine. I talk about what I'm doing to keep busy and my extended break from Facebook.
213 2020-05-11 Are we so altruistic when it comes to fighting for people's lives and well being, maybe when it's in our backyard but let's look a little further out.
212 2020-05-03 Being all by my lonesome again. Still, quick little one way chat about booze, my vintage trailer project, maybe doing a comedy course on youtube and other nonsense.
211 2020-04-23 Wes Barker? He's a very funny comedian who is also a very talented wizard and he's stuck inside making YouTube videos. It's a fascinating chat about magic, comedy and many other things with a very talented dude.
210 2020-04-16 I'm chatting with my good friend Sam Tonning!
209 2020-04-09 Bernie dropping out and the "new normal".
208 2020-04-01 Am I done being a stand up?
207 2020-03-26 Maybe we're a bit too soft in the 1st world.
206 2020-03-20 Panic about the bat sick.
205 2020-03-14 All Covid all the time.
204 2020-03-07 Falling in the tub, moving rowdy crowd, more Wuhan.
203 2020-02-27 Already doing a podcast but then I didn't like it so I did another one. Cool story hey?
202 2020-02-20 I start to talk about the Wuhan and then I get a call because I'm not professional at all.
201 2020-02-12 I forget what the date is and I talk about my 20th anniversary in stand up comedy. Also, it's a car cast!
200 2020-02-06 Hey! I came back!
199.5 2018-12-28 A tiny reminder that I'm still here. I answer a couple of lllllletters and update on the coming 200th episode.
199 2018-11-04 One For The Money is officially launched and thank you come again.
198 2018-10-28 I HAVE A GUEST! Sorry for yelling. I'm joined by the one and only Alex Mackenzie to talk nonsense on the way back from the first road stretch of the fall season.
197 2018-10-16 Got myself a new monthly show, road work is warming up and general blather.
196 2018-10-01 A little bit about food poisoning, supreme court nominations and why it may all be ok.
195 2018-09-03 I forgot I told you about Whitehorse, Yellowknife, a headwind and 6 hours in an airport.
194 2018-08-14 Not getting to spend enough time in Whitehorse, trolls and saying what you want (again).
193 2018-08-05 Pay to play comedy festivals, racist stealing your tweet and corporate greed.
192 2018-07-15 The clean album taping is upon us.
191 2018-06-29 Blather about low carb diets and how science may fuck us over.
190 2018-06-17 Sleeping on small town shows and the quiet of the road.
189 2018-06-12 North Korea and the silly orange man and a new way to talk on the internet.
188 2018-06-03 Opening for my favourite comedian, doing a show via Skype and some Twitter developments.
187 2018-05-23 The Royal Family.
186 2018-05-09 Some US politics talk and Trump pulling out of the Iran deal.
185 2018-04-24 Getting in your own head about TV tapings and we get a LLLLLLEEETTTTEEERRR!
184 2018-03-19 Chris Gordon! Chris is one of my best friends, a killer comic and an all around cool guy (he wanted me to put that). We talk about Just For Laughs North West, Chris' recent viral video and taquitos.
183 2018-03-08 Valerio Miconi! Valerio is a comedian originally from Rome I met doing stand up in London, England. For the last six months he's been in Vancouver visiting and doing comedy and we talk about his views on the Canadian and UK scenes.
182 2018-03-01 Netflix and standup? This week we have a guest for a car cast! Yes, a guest! Comedy super friend and master room runner Colin Sharp and I travel up to a gig in a snow storm and talk running comedy rooms and who Netflix is impacting comedy.
181 2018-02-17 Throwing stones at America when we're standing behind glass in Canada.
180 2018-02-08 People with no sense of humour deciding what's funny.
179 2018-01-26 Me for leaving you all hanging for so long?
178 2017-11-09 Our lack of empathy?
177 2017-10-26 What's right?
176 2017-10-19 Progressives fighting progress.
175 2017-10-06 Half a podcast about gun control and then I screwed up so the other half is about other stuff.
174 2017-09-22 Motel design and a podcast about nothing.
173 2017-09-13 Stupid people.
172 2017-09-05 I get a bit deep on my fortieth birthday.
171 2017-08-22 Dick Gregory, Jerry Lewis (kind of), results of the charity gigs and a lllllleeetter!
170 2017-08-11 A shorter podcast but a little about honesty.
169 2017-08-08 Diversionary politics and motel art.
168 2017-07-13 Rage fatigue and being a festival outsider.
167 2017-06-09 The UK Government and being nearby a terrorist attack.
166 2017-05-29 Blaming the hammer.
165 2017-05-11 Not voting.
164 2017-05-03 Performing drunk for the first time.
163 2017-04-26 The changing ground of comedy and finding my feet.
162 2017-04-19 The trick to making people vote conservative.
161 2017-04-12 Pepsi, Syria, Trump, Russia, Putin and news.
160 2017-04-04 The first time I didn't post a podcast. A trip to the island and more comedians in trouble for saying what pretty much everyone says.
159 2017-03-05 Don't read the comments and it's never ok to be racist but...
158 2017-02-14 Seventeen years as a comedian, hotels and cutting people's heads off.
157 2017-02-09 False rebellion in the name of ratings.
156 2017-01-11 TRUMPCAST! How the hell did we get here?
155 2017-01-06 Salutations of the new year and is parenthood making me soft?
154 2016-12-14 Doing a bar cast! This episode we talk with Sam Tonning and Ed Konyha. Sam is kinda drunk. We try to cover Russian involvement run the US election but it gets derailed quickly. They're not all gonna be insightful and compelling folks but this one is pretty fun.
153 2016-12-03 Not vaccinating your children, a little about holidays and holiday music, a man gets mad at Run Run Rudolph and things over people.
152 2016-11-25 Comedians not appreciating the mostly empty rooms and brushing aside people soft in the noodle.
151 2016-11-21 TRUMP! Plus a lllllletter! Bonus: terrible audio quality!
150 2016-10-26 Halloween and school.
149 2016-10-19 The coming Clinton Presidency.
148 2016-10-06 Babies and something of a personal announcement.
147 2016-09-21 Selling out or being authentic. Also, is selling out even a thing?
146 2016-09-13 Awards for comedy.
145 2016-08-31 Getting older, a visit from my nephew, a new voting system, and then a podcast from 25,000 years ago.
144 2016-08-23 Pretending we don't have racism in Canada.
143 2016-08-11 CAR CAST! I blather on about nothing during a ten hour car ride.
142 2016-08-06 We start with Olympics and I lose my way.
141 2016-07-21 Fighting freedom of expression with a tribunal and we read a LLLLLLLetter!
140 2016-07-07 Cops, fear and talking down to the room.
139 2016-06-23 Brexit and podcasting from the car.
138 2016-06-09 Being smart.
137 2016-05-31 Releasing your special. The whole story about why my latest special took so long to get out and how we got where we are. FURIOUS is available now!
136 2016-05-25 Elbow gate? Really? Also the victims of America and we meet new character "the boring sea captain."
135 2016-05-06 Politicizing natural disasters.
134 2016-04-25 An airplane fire (maybe), owning characters and a home and a zombie proof hotel room.
133 2016-04-14 Garbage hill, back in LA and aiming for the middle.
132 2016-04-02 Putin and guarding your nuclear bits.
131 2016-03-26 Shouty's back.
130 2016-01-28 Going after a supposed joke thief, fourteen ounces of Wild Turkey and saying goodbye for now.
129 2015-12-23 Me being too quiet.
127 2015-12-10 The withdrawal from hope.
126 2015-12-02 "Energizing your base" and filming comics.
125 2015-11-18 The Paris bombings and not knowing who we're really supposed to be fighting. Also a little about Charlie Sheen jokes.
124 2015-11-02 A trip to Dubai and getting the wrong kind of angry.
123 2015-10-21 Election wrap up and a trip to Wales.
122 2015-10-15 I read a letter, try not to talk about Canadian politics but I do a bit and introduce the North London Hard Man character.
121 2015-10-06 Canada. I lose my mind a bit about the new citizenship laws and the stupid evil bigoted Harper government.
120 2015-09-22 Saudi Arabia for a couple of things, fighting with planned parenthood and not getting enough sleep on a trip to Malaysia.
119 2015-09-07 The left vote in Canada getting complacent and people calling themselves a comic for no good reason.
118 2015-08-25 Back to London. V fest. Frankie Boyle and a llllllletter.
117 2015-08-12 Back in Vancouver for a visit, still a little crazy and a short talk about politics.
116 2015-07-24 What's actually wrong with Simon King right now.
115 2015-07-05 Not being in Canada on Canada Day, a music festival stand up show and having to finish the podcast four days later.
114 2015-06-28 Guns in America again and what's right with marriage equality and a trip to Rome.
113 2015-06-17 A terrible bus ride and inconsistency.
112 2015-06-11 Is comedy really dying because of PC bullies or are you just not able to adapt?
111 2015-06-05 worrying about some other people's genitals and Duggar nonsense.
110 2015-05-25 heckling with hateful things and being a lady in comedy.
109 2015-05-16 The end of Letterman and saying what you want as a comedian.
108 2015-05-09 A little comedy talk then the UK election and Bill C-51 in Canada.
107 2015-04-30 Baltimore, Ferguson, Occupy and all that jazz. I also talk about Adam Sandler and his childish sense of humour.
106 2015-04-22 I bet you thought this was never coming but it's the first podcast from England. I talk about moving.
105 2015-04-01 another note about being offended and the last Canadian podcast.
104 2015-03-27 Flying planes into things, news organizations, Canadian politics.
103 2015-03-18 Irish accents and crazy people running countries.
102 2015-03-11 making a comic take the audience to another room to finish the show and backwards bylaws.
101 2015-03-05 Car cast with special guest Colin Sharp and his straight, white, male "problems."
100 2015-02-27 THE MUCH ANTICIPATED EPISODE 100 with special life changing announcement.
99 2015-02-04 Not vaccinating your child.
98 2015-01-28 A little more about brain problems and a trip to Toronto.
97 2015-01-22 Bill Cosby and editing.
96 2015-01-14 Migraines and corporate comedy.
95 2015-01-08 Weaponization of religion.
94 2014-12-31 New Years resolutions.
93 2014-12-24 Christmas.
92 2014-12-17 Reading, well listening to Matt Taibbi's book Griftopia and some introspective babbling.
91 2014-12-15 Being sold sex all the time and messing with Eddie Gondleberg.
90 2014-12-03 "Reverse" racism and praying the dead away.
89 2014-11-26 Hey whitey, is Ferguson anything to do with you? Yes. Yes it is.
88 2014-11-21 As promised, the complete (edited to remove local references when possible and for audio) comedy lecture course type thing I was blathering on about.
87 2014-11-12 A super short episode? Nothing if it's a mere appetizer for a much longer one to come. Also, hip hop show review.
86 2014-11-06 Terrible promo and burning bridges with Saturday Night Live.
85 2014-10-31 More assholes hitting women, Stuart McLean explains Halloween, and seeing a former comedy star live.
84 2014-10-22 We need to talk about Canada.
83 2014-10-15 A little bit about the road and a couple of really good llllllletters.
81 2014-10-01 Let's talk about white privilege.
80 2014-09-24 A Jewish New Year story that goes nowhere, the three things you need at a comedy show, and a three-boobed lady.
79 2014-09-17 A ridiculous attempt to talk about the new iPhone and Scottish independence.
78 2013-09-10 9/11 and an almost viral video.
77 2014-09-03 Sexy confusions and posting things on the Internet. Also bonus: how just having a baby is not an accomplishment.
76 2014-08-27 A little podcast business, and getting older.
75 2014-08-20 Police like an army, and some more DJ information.
74 2014-08-13 Goodbye, Robin Williams.
73 2014-08-07 Road trip with dad.
72 2014-07-30 Back in Vancouver, taking my dad on the road, and fuck you dj boy.
71 2014-07-23 Missing Black girls, fast food news, and an idiot has opinions on Gaza.
70 2014-07-16 Winnipeg life, a run in with a coal roller and a half-assed Israel Palestine segment.
69 2014-07-09 Camping wrap up, childish conservatives and their trucks, and a little World Cup.
68 2014-07-02 Last Comic Standing and the greatest country in the world.
67 2014-06-25 A little story about Dick Cheney and some wacky emails from an old school sexist.
66 2014-06-18 Iraq and a bit about IQ.
65 2014-06-11 Boring dental update and trying to up our games.
64 2014-06-04 Fusion reactors, Science Schwarzenegger and the GMO debate. Plus bonus: my arm hurts. A lot.
63 2014-05-28 Another fucking shooting and a bit about women.
62 2014-05-21 Pets in cars, paying to advertise and the return of racist Marge Simpson.
61 2014-05-15 Eye doctors, 14 years unemployed and self determination.
60 2014-05-07 Kidnapping girls in the name of god and jail or no jail.
59 2014-05-06 Disneyland with a three year old, car repair advice and people who get offended for personal celebrity.
58 2014-04-22 Canada beats the States in middle class wealth and crazy conspiracy people.
57 2014-04-17 A little about Pat Benatar and how to fix American politics.
56 2014-04-10 The reality of struggling as a comedian.
55 2014-04-02 Guests Eddie Della Siepe and Chris Gordon invade the podcast for a completely ridiculous half hour. I'd describe it more but you'll just have to listen.
54 2014-03-27 Edmonton in the "spring," anti aging face masks and not eating because I'm stupid.
53 2014-03-19 Complaining about photoshopped images and missing planes.
52 2014-03-12 THE ONE YEAR SPECIAL!
51 2014-03-05 The Ukraine situation and I talk about the late Bill Hicks.
50 2014-02-26 Smog in China and the difference between stealing jokes and parallel thought.
49 2014-02-19 Sitting in traffic, a little beat boxing, exploding rednecks and Pussy Riot looking for attention.
48 2014-02-13 Bitching about the weather and being gay in football.
47 2014-02-03 Complaining about a commercial.
46 2014-01-29 Mental illness and getting the word out.
45 2014-01-23 A little bit about the Ukraine and being a comic in Canada. I recorded this one backstage at the club so the audio is little rough. Still free though so stop complaining.
44 2014-01-15 Being a bit of a fat ass and military suicides. I also give out the wrong email address at one point. Email me a llllllllllllllletter here at: wwwskpodcast@gmail.com. Sorry I'm a little stupid.
43 2014-01-08 The celebrity of outrage.
42 2014-01-02 Resolutions, duck fraud and forgetting how to speak properly.
41 2013-12-27 The "war" on Christmas.
40 2013-12-18 Christmas shoppers.
39 2013-12-10 Smog in China and other environmental problems.
38 2013-12-04 Getting tired of the road and using words without reason.
37 2013-11-28 Getting confused when talking about ADD.
36 2013-11-20 Hunting for sport and not paying your employees a decent wage.
35 2013-11-15 Interviewing one of the best dudes in the business? Nothing! I sit down for an hour long chat with Canadian comedy legend Peter Kelamis.
34 2013-11-06 Not focusing your activism.
33 2013-10-30 Halloween and potatoes in the Canadian senate.
32 2013-10-23 Crazy amounts of travel and the naughty naughty NSA.
31 2013-10-15 Arguing over gender in comedy and a wrap up of the special taping.
30 2013-10-09 My fears and hopes for the special, the Yukon people and a mini review of a legendary comic's latest special.
29 2013-10-02 Your kids and a broken America.
28 2013-09-25 Mot dealing with the real cause of terrorism.
27 2013-09-17 Beauty pageants and arming crazy people.
26 2013-09-12 Fools with magic books.
25 2013-09-04 The drums of war and comics being bitches.
24 2013-08-28 Pretend rage and white guys.
23 2013-08-22 Not noticing celebrities in strange places and the Bradley Manning verdict.
22 2013-08-16 Judging Americans and Canadian booze prices.
21 2013-08-08 Russia's secret agenda and back problems.
20 2013-07-31 Russia being on the wrong side of history and sex slaves in Kuwait.
19 2013-07-26 Hollywood's lack of ideas and gouging for booze.
18 2013-07-17 Yelling while you're camping, Zimmerman and getting away with murder and the heroin advocate on CNN. Also I read a long letter by an undercover Samsung employee and record the whole thing on a beach. Sorry about the audio quality.
17 2013-07-11 Cell phones and hunting for Nazis.
16 2013-07-06 Some parts of being a comedian and a piece of pizza.
15 2013-06-28 Judging white dudes.
14 2013-06-20 Kim Kardashian, Chris Brown and why gay people don't exist in Russia.
13 2013-06-13 All this NSA madness and thinking they care about you in particular.
12 2013-06-07 Humans being our own worst enemy.
11 2013-05-31 My stupid fridge.
10 2013-05-22 Weather.
9 2013-05-20 Whiners and dirt.
8 2013-05-11 Mars, Chinese Men and talking to strangers.
7 2013-05-05 North Korea's nuclear program; Sending chunks of the seventies into space; The Pope.
6 2013-05-03 Redbull and kids.
5 2013-04-25 Fast food news.
4 2013-04-17 The Boston Marathon.
3 2013-04-11 The Bible and climate change; Sneaky revolutions in the Middle East; Gun control.
2 2013-04-04 McDonald's genius; Sodomy and its detractors; Reality TV.
1 2013-03-27 Tubes full of dinosaurs; Scratch and sniff narcs; Shooting pregnant ladies.